Announcing Amnesty: A Paranormal Southern Gothic LARP

Announcing the official launch of Amnesty, A Paranormal Southern Gothic LARP. Join the Amnesty community page for the most up to date information! Amnesty will be running in North Carolina in late 2020.

Once upon a time, there was the City. There was the City, and there were the Badlands. The City was the last and only bastion of light against a world gone mad - and you got yourself thrown out. You weren't bad enough to face the firing squad, but you were bad enough that the City didn't give a damn what fate befell you outside its walls. Not important enough for the mercy of a public execution - too troublesome to let you go about your business. There's 9 crimes that get you sent out here to the Badlands. Arson, apostasy, bootlegging, theft, sedition, necromancy, smuggling, mutiny, and indiscretion. You arrive in the Badlands with a life sentence and whatever pieces of precious you could carry on your back. Maybe you're innocent. Maybe you're guilty. Maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the case, everyone knows nothing good comes out of the Badlands - and nothing good goes in.

Once upon a time, a handful of exiles called a truce, broke bread, and raised a scattering of shelters around their campfire. That makeshift campsite became the frontier town of Amnesty, the one flicker of lantern light out in the vast darkness of the Badlands. Anyone who wants to lay their head to rest in Amnesty is welcome, on the condition that they sign the Amnesty Compact. A signature upon the Amnesty Compact wipes away all past transgressions committed in or out of civilized lands, in exchange for the signer's solemn vow that their criminal past is behind them. No sin has yet been so great that it can't be forgiven with a signature and a promise, but be warned; the same grace will not apply to future sins. Do no harm to Amnesty, and Amnesty will do no harm to you.

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