2020 Event Passes

Passes for the April 2020 Game (April 3-5) will go on sale at 8:00 PM on Friday, March 13th. Until then, they will be listed as out of stock.


In addition to our regular event passes, we will have a limited number of first time player tickets available, though first time players are welcome to purchase a regular ticket if the new player tickets sell out.


All tickets are for unheated cabins, as Season Pass holders get first dibs on heated cabin space. We will also offer some Tent Space Tickets - These are only for individuals who will be bringing their own period-appropriate tent to stay in during the event.

All passes must be purchased online, we do not sell any tickets on site or at the door due to our events selling out and limited space. You must be 18+ to play at Lands of Exile LARP.


Contributor and Major Contributor upgrades are your way of thanking the game and contributing to help support the increasing costs of running these events. We wanted to keep our prices the same this year, but if you can afford a bit more, then consider purchasing a Contributor or Major Contributor upgrade for your passes. These don't come with any additional benefits, as all funds go towards the game, but are deeply appreciated and every little bit helps.